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Is a ministry that equips and prepares the church globally with a biblical world view to practice wholistic ministry. This is for the purpose of seeing substantial and cultural renewal as Christians intentionally function from a biblical world view in every domain of society- as educators, business people, lawyers and judges, medical workers, homemakers, artists, or government workers. Awesome Hope Outreach partners with Samaritan Strategy Africa to intentionally practice wholistic ministry.


2. Love actions within the Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in Taraba State, Nigeria

Our friends from Germany (Pastor Prince) assisted by sending fairly used materials for distribution among the displaced communities in the North East. See the photographs of the items below.


Some beneficiaries of the school fees assistance with their envelopes


Pastor Esther with a local interpreter (Celestina) sharing the good news of God’s love to the community



The precarious situation of the Talum community is very disturbing. A community made up of about 600 households located in Shelleng Local Government area in Adamawa State, North-Eastern Nigeria was Boko Haram activity is ravaging the region. There is no clean source of drinking water. The only available water is from a stagnant body of water near the village. The majority of the populace is infected with water-borne diseases leading to urinating with blood.

We were told about a test conducted by a concerned laboratory on the pupils of the only primary school in the village, that 95% of them were having water-borne related diseases.

Our aim is to provide clean water for drinking by drilling a borehole for this community. We commissioned a borehole drilling company based on an agreed amount of $5000 in 2017 but after reaching a depth of 150metres without finding water, they demobilized from the site. A geophysical test carried out later revealed that clean water will only be obtained after a depth of over 350metres whose cost was estimated at =$15,000.

This amount was far beyond what we envisaged. We, therefore, could not undertake the project in 2017. This project is one of the urgent projects we are trusting God to do for the Talum community as the Lord causes men to support the project. We are convinced that God wants us to provide clean drinking water for the Talum community urgently. We pray that God will make provision for us to demonstrate God’s love in this needy community.

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