Our world is under siege. Forces that are stronger than men are out to harass the living daylight out of every soul that is alive upon the earth today. Strange diseases, sicknesses, calamities, and disasters have broken loose and invaded the human race. HIV AIDS, Ebola Virus, Lassa fever, Poliovirus, Malaria, etc have dealt brutally with our world.

Presently, the world is battling with a disease identified by WHO as Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19). According to their reports, COVID-19 is a global health emergency that is posing the highest threat to human existence. It’s been predicted that if urgent measures to curb the spread is not taken, millions of lives will be lost.

The horrendous impact of this deadly disease is not only on health but has also crashed and crumbled the global economy. As a result, businesses are folding up, people are losing their jobs, hunger is on the increase and crime has escalated. This is disturbing.

But so much disturbing is that owing to the foregoing, the world is thrown into fear, panic, despair, and trepidation. Hope seems to be far-fetched with the future dark and bleak. The center doesn’t seem to hold any longer and everything is falling apart.

This accounts for the highest rate of suicides and suicidal tendencies recorded in the past few fears. Many have sunk into depression. Sicknesses rooted in psycho-somatic sources are much more than other sources.

On my part as a pastor, I have had my share of the blighting challenges that our world is facing and I have also counseled a lot of people and the story is the same. But the good news is that I won and keep winning.

I have come to know that what everyone on the face of the earth needs today is HOPE. It is this hope that will give birth to the victory that we so much desire. It will without fail turn the tides to our favor.

I have known Pastor Amos over the years. He has gone through things too. He’s not guessing, he has written out of the wealth of his experiences with God the principles that helped him to conquer and live in victory over the challenges of life.

Every word of this book is properly-suited as a hope capsule that will heal you and make you well again. You don’t have to give up. Your victory is right within the pages of this book. Read it! Study it! Apply the principle quickly to your life!

I strongly recommend it to you.







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